From Primary Senses

展覧会:From Primary Senses:リンダ・デニス&ユミ・マシキ

期間:2018年11月11日(日)— 2019年1月17日(木)

11 Nov 2018 (Sun) – 17 Jan 2019 (Thu)


Exhibition: From Primary Senses: Linda DENNIS & Yumi MASHIKI

Venue: ARToba

3-9-3 Toba, Toba City, Mie Prefecture 517-0011 (former Kinsuido)

Organization: Touch Base Creative Network

Cooperation: TAKEMURA Co., Ltd., Inoue Shouten

Hours: Artworks can be viewed during daylight hours in the street-facing window gallery. Closed during bad weather.

This exhibition comprises of soundscapes and visual artworks made during a Toba based artist residency in the summer of 2018.



住所:〒517-0011 三重県鳥羽市鳥羽3丁目9−3(旧錦水堂)






About this exhibition

This exhibition is made up of artworks developed as a result of an artist in residence held at ARToba in the summer of 2018. Artist, Linda DENNIS, and composer, Yumi MASHIKI worked together with local people to prepare the building for ARToba’s opening as a creative space, participated in many local activities, such as Bon Dance Festivals, Arashima Morning Market, Ama Diver Hut experience, etc, and conducted research into local customs. The participatory artwork exhibited here by Linda DENNIS was made for the 2018 Arashima Bon Dance Festival.The soundscapes of Yumi MASHIKI incorporate sounds captured during her time in Toba, and the pieces can be listened to online using the QR codes provided in the exhibition.

The artists wish to thank the people of Toba for their warm hospitality, and hope their appreciation can be expressed through these exhibited works.