Toba Stories Art Project: Ama Divers and Craft


Toba Stories Art Project: Ama Divers and Craft

Joint Exhibition between Joshibi University and Ama Divers of Toba City.

Jan 6 (Sat) – Mar 10 (Sun), 2024 (UPDATE: Exhibition Extended until Sun 24th March 2024!)

Place: Toba Sea-Folk Museum Gallery (1731-68 Oyoshi, Uramura-cho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, Japan) 

Access: Approx. 20 min. by taxi/40 min. by municipal Kamome bus from JR/Kintetsu Toba Stn.

Inquiries: TEL: 0599-32-6006

Related Events (No reservation required)

Opening Event: 11am – 12pm, Jan 6 (Sat), 2024

Talk Event: About Collaboration in “Ama Divers and Craft”

Speakers: Linda DENNIS, KATO Naoko, OHNO Aiko. Facilitator: ISHIHARA Mai

Book Launch Event: 1pm – 2pm Mar 10 (Sun), 2024

An event to celebrate the publishing of the 64-page book documenting the Toba Stories Art Project: Ama Divers and Craft. Visitors to the event will receive a free book each (while stocks last).

Location: Toba Sea-Folk Museum Gallery.

A collaborative exhibition of artworks and written text by students and faculty of Joshibi University of Art and Design, ama diver/photographer OHNO Aiko, and fellow ama divers.

This is the third Toba Stories Art Project bringing people together based on the belief that the ‘touching’ of hearts leads to valuable new insights and provides a catalyst for unforeseen outcomes. Through the combined focus on ama divers and craft, it is hoped that viewers might gain fresh perspectives into ways of living.

The exhibited artworks are inspired by fieldwork conducted in the summer of 2023, when Joshibi University faculty and students studying glass, ceramics, weaving, and art & culture spent 6 days in Toba city. They did ocean related studies and met with ama divers to listen to their stories and gain firsthand experience of their lifestyle.

After returning to the Joshibi campus, in addition to making individual artworks, they engaged in groupwork to make tableware to be used for food cooked by ama divers. The tableware and food were then photographed in Toba by OHNO Aiko as an extension of her previous photo series of “Ama Diver Lunchboxes”.

Texts by Joshibi’s art and culture students and others are included in the exhibition to give additional insight into the creative process.

Co-Organization: Toba Sea-Folk Museum, Joshibi University of Art and Design, College-Wide Specialized Education Unit

Cooperation: Mie University Fisheries Research Laboratory, Toba Fisheries Science Center, Toba City Hall Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Touch Base Creative Network

Planning and Curation: Linda Dennis (Joshibi University)



共同展覧会:女子美術学 x 鳥羽の海女さん


場所:鳥羽市立海の博物館 ギャラリー(三重県鳥羽市浦村町大吉1731-68 ) 






「海女と工芸」のコラボレーションについてのトーク・イベント。スピーカー:リンダ・デニス / 加藤尚子 / 大野愛子。ファシリテーター:石原真伊






鳥羽ストーリーズ・アートプロジェクトの第 3回目となる本活動は、人と人をつなぎ、心に「タッチ」することで、多様な価値観や予期せぬ結果を生み出すことを目的としています。海女と工芸に焦点を合わせることで、鑑賞者が暮らしや生き方について新たな視点を得ることを期待しています。 展示作品は、2023 年の夏、ガラス・陶・織・芸術文化などを学ぶ女子美術大学の学生と教員が鳥羽市に6 日間滞在した際のフィールドワークから着想を得たものです。海に関する調査を行い、海女さんに会って話を聞き、ライフスタイルを直接体験しました。 大学に戻った後は、個々の作品制作に加え、海女さんの料理に合わせた テーブルウェアを創作するグループワークを行いました。大野愛子さんは「海女のお弁当」の写真シリーズの延長線として、鳥羽で作品と海女料理の撮影を行いました。 展覧会には、芸術文化専攻学生によるテキストも展示され、創作のプロセスを更に知ることが出来ます。