About ARToba

ARToba – organizes creative activities linked with the community of Toba.

Recent activities include 「ARToba +」(ARToba Plus) pop-up exhibitions held in various places in Toba in cooperation with community partnerships.

ARToba is a group of Toba based individuals interested in the arts and culture.

From 2018 – 2021, ARToba ran an art space in the central Toba as a place for artists and art students to stay, make, and exhibit artwork, in response to local research. The large shop-front windows were transformed into a window gallery, and artworks could be viewed from the outside the building during daylight hours. This location was closed in May 2021 due to the influence of COVID-19.

Currently, ARToba works to arrange creative activities in partnership with local groups and businesses as part of the「ARToba+」initiative. It is hoped that ARToba can play a vital role in supoorting local creative culture, through making stimulating connections with surrounding communities.

ARToba was established in 2018 by Touch Base Creative Network, a creative network, connecting people, ideas, and information. Touch Base was created by Australian artist with bases in Tokyo and Toba, Linda Dennis as part of her activities linked with the theme of “touch”.

In 2019, ARToba Art Net community group was formed to specifically organize activities for ARToba.

We wish to express gratitude to the many people who have made this activity possible through their generous and kind support.

ARToba – 鳥羽の地域と連携した創造的な活動を行っています。

最近の活動としては、「ARToba +」(アートば・プラス)と題して、鳥羽市内の様々な場所で、地域と連携したポップアップ展示を行っています。




ARToba」は、人・アイデア・情報をつなぐクリエイティブネットワーク「Touch Base Creative Network」によって2018年に設立されました。このネットワークは、オ ーストラリア出身で東京と三重を拠点に活動するアーティスト、リンダ・デニスによって設立され、リンダが実践してきた「タッチ」をテーマとする制作活動の一つて゛もあります。



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