About ARToba

ARToba – a creative space linked with the community of Toba.

Based in a former stationery store in the central Toba, ARToba is a place for artists and art students to stay, make, and exhibit artwork, in response to local research. The large shop-front windows have been transformed into a window gallery, and artworks can be viewed from the outside the building during daylight hours. Located only 11 minutes stroll from Toba station, and close to many historical landmarks of Toba, it is hoped that ARToba can play a vital role connecting artists with the surrounding communities.

ARToba’s activities are organized by Touch Base Creative Network, a creative network, connecting people, ideas, and information. It functions as a platform for creative research, and project development. Touch Base was created by Australian artist, Linda Dennis as part of her activities linked with the theme of “touch”.

We wish to express gratitude to the many people who have made this activity possible through their generous and kind support.


ARToba – 鳥羽コミュニティとつながる創造的なスペース。