ARToba アートば

Current Location: Various Community Based Locations

Since May 2021, pop-up exhibitions are held in conjunction with community partners in various locations in Toba City. Please check the exhibition information for exact locations.

Original Location: Toba 3 Chome.

ARToba Art Space was located in Toba 3 chome from August 2018 to May 2021 with the generous support of many people. In 2021, the location below was closed due to COVID-19.

ARToba アートば



元の拠点: 鳥羽3丁目。

ARToba Art Spaceは、2018年8月から2021年5月まで、多くの方々のご支援のもと、鳥羽3丁目にありました。2021年、COVID-19の影響で下記の場所は閉鎖されました。